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Tío Nacho Shampoo Anti-Caida y Menos Canas

Tío Nacho Shampoo Anti-Caida y Menos Canas
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Tio Nacho Shampoo is the tradition of a recognized brand since 1948; it combines a number of natural ingredients and mixing modern advances in science with the ancient knowledge of the incredible wonderful benefits of natural extracts.

Benefits: You can help return the characteristics of young hair, restoring it. You can stimulate hair growth and perhaps help to revitalize the fragile hair and fall situation. Continued use can contribute to a healthier and stronger hair, providing shine and silkiness in each application. Your hair will feel fuller and strengthened.

Shampoo instructions for use: Apply the product on wet hair, distributing generously with a light massage on the scalp that allows you to stay in contact with the scalp for a few minutes, rinse and repeat if necessary

Ingredients: Royal Jelly, Tomato, Cacahuananche, ginseng, rosemary, wheat seeds, Aloe Vera, Jojoba and Espinosilla.

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Extremely happy with this purchase thank you quick dispatch

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