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Sangre de grado resin 100% natural 30 ml.

Sangre de grado resin 100% natural 30 ml.
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Product description.

Method of administration: Orally and Topically

Forms of Use:
For Gastritis: Ingesting fasting 1 to 3 drops diluted in warm water three times a day before meals. For best results it is recommended to dissolve the Dragon's Blood extract raw potato or water banana, cassava, etc ... (resulting liquid to boil legunbre rich in starch).

external bleeding: Apply directly Dragon's Blood on the wound clean and disinfected.

Antiseptic vaginal: Dilute 40 drops in one liter of warm boiled water and make douching at night.

Precautions: Do not take more than 15 drops per day. Do not let the children .. alcancede latex's Blood stain fabrics and garments irreversibly.

Important: Due to its very nature, the Dragon's Blood tends to crystallize or couagularse clogging the dropper. We recommend removing the crystallized material Using a dosing system and / or toothpick.

Sagre de gradoSagre de grado

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