Shipping Policies

All orders are shipped within 24-48 fedexuspshours after they are received, depending on the volume of orders. If there is a stock or other issue that prevents us from keeping that time frame you will be notified. Please note that orders are only shipped Monday through Friday.


For orders in total value Above $200.00, and Unless you specifically request otherwise, ALL such orders ($200+) are sent signature required for the safety of your order.

Order that are Less Than $200+ are shipped with a Tracking Number and Delivery confirmation. For orders less than $200, if you wish to have them Shipped with a Signature Requirement, you must let us know By E-Mail and Specifically Request it.  Please note that your order will *only* be shipped to the “Ship To” address specified on your  PayPal Receipt. Our shipping labels are automatically generated from the shipping information you enter in your PayPal receipt. It is very important that you pay great care when filling this information out. Please note that we only ship packages within the Continental United States. Hawaii and Alaska will be charged extra before we can ship your order.

International Shipments

Please contact us for international shipments

Wrong or Incomplete Addresses:

You are responsible for the accuracy of your Ship To address. If you provide us with an incorrect or incomplete address (ie missing apartment, suite, trailer etc. number), YOU will be responsible for the cost of re-shipping your order. If you choose not to have it re-shiped you waive any and all shipping charges plus a 20% Re-Stocking fee. We apologize but there are No Exceptions. Any order marked as Undeliverable as Addressed by USPS or the equivalent by Fed-Ex will automatically be subjec to a Re-Shipping fee if you wish to still receive it *or* a Partial refund minus Shipping Fee's and minus a 20% Re-Stocking fee. We are not responsible for lost packages due to a mistake in the address. In case of products with a “Free Shipping” promotion, you will be responsible for the cost of re-shipping the package if we have to send it again. If you decide to cancel an order AFTER it has been shipped, we reserver the right to Keep the cost of of Shipping as well as a 20% re-stocking fee. If you'd like us to Re-Ship Your Package instead, You will Have to pay the Re-shipping Fee. If your particular order had Free Shipping and is returned to us, You will have to pay for us to ship it out a second time. We apologize but there are No Exceptions.

Returned Packages:

If your package is returned to us because:

    It was Marked as "Undeliverable as Addressed" Or "Insufficient Address" due to a mistake that You made while entering the Ship To address.
    There was nobody home to sign for the package and you never Claimed your package at teh USPS or Fed-Ex or UPS office corresponding to your package.
    You Refused the package..

In all the above cases, you will be entitled to the cost of the Merchandize Only MINUS all of the shipping fee's and a possible Re-Stocking fee of 20%. If you'd like us to Re-Ship your package, You will pay the Re-Shipping cost. If your Package originally had Free Shipping as an offer, You will be responsible for the shipping costs of shipping it a second time. We appologize but there are NO exceptions as we provide you with your Tracking information  in several ways to avoid these situations.

Incomplete or Damaged Orders

We carefully ship each and every order acording to Best Shipping Standards, however due to the nature of some of the products, it is possible that in very rare occations a product May be damaged in transit. If your order is Damaged or there is something wrong with your order at time of arrival, please maintain ALL packing materials, and items as they arrived. Send us an E-mail within 48 hours of receiving your order (as show by tracking information) and we will do everything we can to assist and resolve any issues with orders as quickly as possible.

Please Note: Depending on your indivdiual case, pictures, a copy of the packing slip included and other informatin may be necesarry to best and quickly assist you.

Lost Packages

We are not responsible for "Lost" or stolen packages that are marked as Delivered by Existing Tracking information. Please note that orders less than $200.00 are ALL shipped with a Tracking number and delivery confirmation that shows at least Day, hour and Zip code of delivery. For Added security, orders Above $200.00 are ALL sent with a Signature Requirement. If your order is less than $200.00 but you'd like to have a Signature Requirement for whatever reason (unsafe neighborhood etc.) You must CONTACT US  to let us know as soon as you make your order. If you have a doubt regarding your package, please let us know and we can gladly assist with finding tracking information for it. If your order is above $200.00 and for some reason you DO NOT want it to be sent Signature Required, you must submit your request In Writting from the e-mail address you used for the purchase and we will asses your request.