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Peyote Powerful Hallucinogen, Very Similar to LSD

Peyote Powerful Hallucinogen, Very Similar to LSD

Peyote Gel

Peyote is native to Mexico and southwestern Texas. It is found primarily in the Chihuahuan Desert and in the states of Coahuila, Nuevo León, Tamaulipas and San Luis Potosí among scrub, especially where there is limestone.

Peyote is a psychoactive alkaloid that comes from a small cactus that grows wildly in the Chihuahuan Desert. The cactus can be found in areas of Texas and Mexico and is common among scrub where there is limestone settlement. This plant, particularly the mescaline within the plant, can produce a wide range of effects including deep insight into one’s spiritual side. Auditory and visual hallucinations are also common with the use of Peyote.

Peyote Gel

Health Benefits Of Cactus

Edible cactus is rich in nutrients and other multifunctional properties. Listed below are few health benefits of Cactus –

*- Natives use the juice of cactus (peyote) as a hair tonic. It is applied on the scalp to give a cooling effect. It can also be used to treat snake, scorpion bites and datura poisoning

*- In addition the juice of peyote is also known to treat people suffering from color blindness, poor eyesight or near sightedness

*- It is also rich in anti-spasmodic elements and is used for common nervousness and insomnia

*- Cactus is rich in alkaloids hordenine and tyramine. Both these elements have antiseptic properties and hence can be used to heal wounds and prevent infection

*- Many tribal groups commonly consume cactus to maintain good health. The juice further treats health disorders such as asthma, arthritis, diabetes, rheumatism and intestinal disorders. In addition a small quantity of cacti juice combats thirst and hunger for longer periods

*- Consumption of cacti also reduces weight and cholesterol levels. Furthermore the plant is rich in fiber which lowers the glycemic index of any food consumed

*- Cactus has anti-diabetic agents. Hence it is recommended for people suffering from Type 2 diabetes

*- Due to the mucilage substance present in cactus the plant is further used for manufacturing medicines to treat gastric ulcers. This property also provides soothing effect to the stomach lining

*- The fiber content in the plant helps in maintaining bowel regularity. Further it absorbs toxins present in the body

*- Using cacti in the powdered form heals metabolic, digestive and heart problems. It improves immune system and balances other functions in the body

*- The extract of cacti plant is helpful to reduce hangover from the consumption of alcohol

*-The high medicinal value in cactus helps to prevent the growth of cancerous cells

*.- Cactus also cures people suffering from high fever and hepatitis

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