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After a Diet. How to Remove the Rebound Effects

After a Diet. How to Remove the Rebound Effects

After a Diet

1. If you think that weight loss is achieved through exercise and diet is permanent and allows us to eat what we want, than you are wrong.

If you want to lose weight permanently, you must first understand that no diet or drug allows you to lose weight permanently, these serve only as a support to reach their ideal weight and once this is achieved following a balanced diet will allow you to keep that weight standard.

2. Once you have successfully completed a highly restrictive diet, you know how hard it is, to maintain that healthy diet and a stable weight By taking a healthy diet you will benefit both your body health and aesthetic issues, and avoid continually trying new diets.

3. The diet pills are prescribed by a professional and allows weight loss, but however once treatment ends, many people express that the rebound effect occurs.

First we must understand that , no diet or weight loss medication (unless you are suffering from any disease) can  causes your body to be suspended faster  or cause fattening, because this effect does not exist, what actually happens is that it becomes a poor diet and the body naturally gains .fat.

4. By doing dieting, you think you can keep the results of this necessarily than you are wrong you must make a definite change in the way you take your food, of course this does not mean at all to starve at all, but only have a diet which is more balanced and doing a regular physical activity, by reducing the consumption of sugars, processed and other foods helps a lot.

5. Never start a diet or take medicine to lose weight without talking to your doctor or nutritionist.

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