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Reumophon's Gel Enhanced 4 Oz. (118 ml.)

Reumophon's Gel Enhanced 4 Oz. (118 ml.)
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Reumophon's Gel Reinforced with anesthesia

Temporary relief of muscle aches, rheumatism, cramps, joint pain, cough or bronchial problems, bunions, ram, knee problems among others.



Aloe Barbadensis leaf Extract, Carbopol, Triethanolamin,

Guaiac essence, Eucalyptus Essence, Alcohol, Water

34 reviews34 reviews
highly recommend this product for those with pain
34 reviews34 reviews
Me calma el dolor en mis rodillas de verdad amigos un fastidio, siempre estoy comprando este tipo de cremas para mi artritis.
34 reviews34 reviews
Good product I will order again
34 reviews34 reviews
for my mother - it works well on her arthritis and broken toes for pain.
34 reviews34 reviews
This cream is great for inflammation and the resulting pain

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