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Natural Product Mariguanol

Brand: Several
Product Code: 08-26
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Natural Product Mariguanol

Size 5 Oz (140grs).

Mariguanol - Marijuanol Ultra Strength Pain Relief Cream

Fast Acting temporary Relief to Arthritis and Joint Pain as well as Muscular Pain and inflammation.


What is Mariguanol ?

Mariguanol is a Natural Ultra Strength Pain Relief Cream for Fast, Penetrating Relief of Muscle Aches and Arthritis Pains and Inflammation. Besides the funny name referencing a certain plant's Amazing ability for Pain-Relief, Mariguanol is a *VERY*Effective Topical Product and the great majority of users experience pain relief from the very first times they use it. Mariguanol's exculsive formula comes deep from El Salvador and is very famous in Latin America and is finally available in the USA to help provide you with Fast Pain and Inflammation Relief.

Fast Relief for:

Mariguanol Extra Strength Pain-Relief Cream may assist in providing fast temporary relief to:

  • Arthritis Pains y Inflammation
  • Muscle Aches
  • Back Pain
  • Mariguanol may also minimize Inflammation.
  • And help provide fast relief to many other types of Pain.



* Marijuana Extract.

* Eucalyptus extract.

• Chemical Components.

* Menthol.

* Camphor.

How do you use Mariguanol Pain Relief Cream?

Apply over the affected area on clean skin free from any other creams etc. Massage in a soft cirulcar motion until absorbed. For severe pain or injuries apply Mariguanol then cover with gauze. Do not use on open wounds, near yes or on irritated or sensible skin. This is for Topical Use Only.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Quickly will Mariguanol provide Relief for my Pain?

The great majority of users experience Fast temporary relief, often times within the first few uses. However, the exact time can vary depending on the Cause of your pain.

  • Chronic Pain is defined as any pain lasting more than 12 weeks often months or longer. This is often times caused by degenerative conditions such as Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, healed broken bones, etc. Chronic conditions may take longer to respond to the Pain Relief and healing effects since the Tissues are weakened and Inflamed. You should feel a temporary relief of pain quickly, however Consistent long-term use (2+ months) is necessary for a more lasting healing. For best results we do recommend you use Mariguanol with another supplement like Mariguano Pills
  • Acute Pain or Recent Injuries such as muscle pain, sprains, sports injuries, back and neck pain and other recent injuries respond quicker to Mariguanol and you can see a noticeable improvement since the first few uses.

The Vast Majority of users notice improvement and Pain Relief before they finish their first bottle of Mariguanol in both Chronic and Acute pains.

I am in A LOT of pain and I Need Faster Pain Relief, is there something I can use together with Mariguanol for Faster Long-Term Pain Relief?

Absolutely! For strong acute pains or Chronic and Persistent conditions like Arthritis, we recommend that you strengthened the tissues from the inside as well by taking Mariguano Pills a 100% Natural combination of Anti-Inflammatory, Pain Relievers and Tissue strengthening ingredients. Buy them both together in the PAIN RELIEF KIT

What's the best way to use Mariguanol for quick pain Relief?

Thanks to user tips, they've mentioned that for Severe Pain or to get pain relief faster it is recommended that you use Mariguanol in the following way:

  1. Generously apply Mariguanol to the affected area where you're in pain.
  2. Lightly massage Mariguanol on the area until there is a thin layer left.
  3. After applying the cream, bandage or cover the area where you applied Mariguanol and keep it away from clothes, water etc. that would remove the cream.
  4. You can apply Mariguanol at night and sleep with a bandage over it if you desire, you can also re-apply Mariguanol throughout the day as desired. 

Does Mariguanol Really work for Pain Relief?

Absolutely! For the vast majority of our customers, Mariguanol has provided with Fast temporary Pain Relief. Mariguanol is one of the MOST SOUGHT pain relief creams in El Salvador and all of Latin America. The comments, anecdotes and testimonials all indicate that Mariguanol is a very Fast and Efficient Pain Relief product. Almost everybody that tries it experiences some relief from the very first bottle!

205 reviews
Lo pedí para mi mamá que tiene artritis. Ella había escuchado a alguien decirle que realmente ayudó con el dolor.
205 reviews
This Product Really Works
205 reviews
Works extremely well. Will order it again.
205 reviews
I bought this for my neck pain, and it works. The bonus is, it reduces the pain in my feet, from diabetes.
205 reviews
Great Ingredients for Inflammation

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