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Me vale madre 60 Capsules

Brand: Several
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What is Me Vale Madre Supplement?

Me Vale Madre (loosely Translated as I Don't Give a darn) is a 100% Natural combination of Herbs, Plants and Vitamins that are recognized for their ability to aid an nourish the nervous system and help to relax a stressed out body. Me Vale Madre is a particularly effective formula to help alleviate Stress*, Nervous tension and to help you relax after your daily activities*. By helping to relax your nervous system, Me vale Madre may help to minimize headaches, improve peaceful sleep and other conditions stemming from stress or a malnourished and tense nervous system. Every box contains a full month's supply with 60 Tablets 500mg each or 800 mg each,  of a natural formula proven to help you relax and nourish your nervous system. Me Vale Madre is also available in a liquid tincture if you prefer to make yourself a powerfully soothing tea.

How can Me Vale Madre help me?

Help De-Stress | Encourage Peaceful Sleep | Minimize Headaches | Nourish the Nervous System


Me Vale Madre is a natural and effective aid to help encourage the well being of your nervous system and that can help to alleviate conditions related to nervous tension and stress such as the ones mentioned above. It may also assist to improve memory and concentration, help calm down irritable and angered demeanor and anxiety.

How do you use it?

How to Use: Take 2 Tablets at night. Remember we also have the tincture of the formula to make a relaxing Tea if you prefer and they're available here.

How does it Work?

Me Vale Madre works by nourishing, balancing and calming your altered and stressed out nervous system. In doing so it helps you to relax, sleep better and minimize tension headaches and  migraines as well as other issues related to stress. By using some of the most Known and Respected ingredients in natural healing to help de-stress, Me Vale Madre is one of the most effective formulas (much more so than a normal calming tea) since it uses only the best ingredients in a concentrated formula for the optimal benefits.

What are the ingredients?

Lime blossom, Valerian Root, Lemon Balm leaves, Pasionflower, Chamomille, Orange Blossom, Mint leaves, Glutamic Acid, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B12, Zinc Sulfate.

To use:
* Headache
* Migraine
* Stress and insomnia
* Stress-
* Bad memory
* Depression and anxiety

Tila, Valerian, Passion Flower, Orange Blossom and Lettuce

9 reviews
I suffer a lot from migraine, these pills have helped me with my migraine pains
9 reviews
Thanks for sending, it's very good product
9 reviews
Perfect!!:) will buy from again!!!
9 reviews
Hola Amigo 2da vez que les compro. Hasta ahora si me ha funcionado. Gracias...
9 reviews
Everything good!!! Thank you

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