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Ultra Ginseng Complex 60 Caps

Ultra Ginseng Complex 60 Caps
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Ginseng is a root of the Panax ginseng plant that has been used as a natural remedy in traditional medicine from Asian countries like Korea or China and it has spread to the whole world.

In fact, ginseng is said to be the most widely used herbal remedy in the world. And it is that this root has been the natural solution that has been used to remedy a multitude of health problems for thousands of years, not in vain was called the "all cure."


ultra ginseng1.- Increase concentration and learning. Ginseng, along with ginkgo biloba, improves concentration and learning, being a natural remedy to stimulate cognitive functions and in general activity of the central nervous system.

2.- Stimulates the functioning of the immune system. It helps us to avoid getting sick, as in the case of colds, flu, etc. And in case of falling ill helps us to recover before. It also has an antitumor effect because some ginseng polysaccharides increase the activity of natural killer (NK) cells that defend us against cancer. On the other hand, ginsenosides have been shown to have antimetastatic action.

3.- Ginseng improves mood. Due to its tonic and restorative effect, it has been traditionally used to improve mood, which is why it is also used in cases of mild depression.

4.- It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. Ginseng has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect due to its effect on the central nervous system, which would be similar to that of opiates. On the other hand, some of the ginsenósidos of the ginsen has an inhibiting effect of the inflammatory process.

5.- It improves the resistance of the organism. Ginseng is a root with adaptogenic action, that is, it improves the response of our body to situations of overexertion.

6.- Increases energy levels. Ginseng fights stress and fatigue, resulting an excellent natural complement during periods of asthenia produced by a high physical and mental expenditure giving an invigorating effect.

7.- It is used to treat physical and mental fatigue. Formerly used as a tonic and restorative for the ability of ginseng to give energy, being common consumption in elderly people, convalescent, who are going through periods of asthenia, etc.

8. Reduces the symptoms of menopause and premenstrual syndrome. Because of the analgesic action we talked about before, ginseng is an excellent natural remedy to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of menopause as well as the pain and swelling caused by premenstrual syndrome.

9.- It has very positive effects on the cardiovascular system. Ginseng has traditionally been used to prevent and combat circulatory disorders, to reduce blood pressure, to regulate arrhythmias, to improve heart function and to protect myocardium.

10.- Ginseng may reduce blood glucose levels. This hypoglycaemic action could be due to the panaxans with which ginseng has in its composition. Ginseng proves to be a good anti-diabetic remedy.

11.- It has positive effects on the gastroduodenal ulcer. I have been able to verify that ginseng has a demulcent action, that is to say, it improves the gastric ulcer and favors its cure, since, it reduces the adhesion of the bacterium Helicobacter Pylori main cause of the ulcers of this type.

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