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Manzanilla Sophia 15 ml

Manzanilla Sophia 15 ml
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manzanilla sophia

MANZANILLA SOPHIA is the purified and sterile clean, refreshes and tones the eyes natural solution.

MANZANILLA SOPHIA® is that clean purified, sterile natural solution and refreshes the eyes. Using wet compresses MANZANILLA SOPHIA®, refreshes and moisturizes eyes.

The common chamomile has anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic, anti-ulcer, digestive, bactericidal, fungicidal and mild sedative, due to the different active product. The camazulene, matricide, Spiroethers and flavonoids are primarily responsible for the anti-inflammatory action. Apigenin and to a lesser extent, other flavonoids possess antispasmodic drug. Meanwhile, flavonoids are also responsible for the antimicrobial action.

* Apply 2-3 drops in each eye to remove particles that are introduced in the eye makeup remover. Reduces inflammation of the eyelids after a sleepless night.
* Using wet compresses MANZANILLA SOPHIA, refreshes and tones the eyes.
* Thanks to its properties, chamomile SOPHIA can be used as often as needed.

* Keep the bottle tightly closed and keep the tip of the bottle touch any surface to avoid contamination.
* Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.
* Store at room temperature to no more than 30 ° C.
* If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.
* Read instructions attached to the box.

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