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Slimming Detox EZ TEA 30 Bags

Slimming Detox EZ TEA 30 Bags
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Product DescriptionEZ TEA


Weight loss and Best Skinny Detox tea.​

Your Problem.- Constipation, overweight, feeling tired, bad digestion, slow metabolism, immune problems, difficulty burning fat,  ​respiratory problems, fluid retention, fat deposits, feel bloated, liver problems, lack of energy, acne and skin problems, feeling hungry between meals, hormonal and circulatory problems.​

Your Solution: Helps promote to burn fat and lose weight faster, promotes an excellent digestion and regular BM, helps Increase energy level, promotes a flat stomach, a beautiful and clear skin, helps detox liver, promotes a strong immune and respiratory system, helps to control appetite, improves urinary, hormonal and circulatory systems.


EZ  tea - With acai, artichoke, Green tea, Jasmine, Ginger, Licorice, Senna + guarana combination extracts. EZ Tea helps to burn fat and aid in weight loss, detoxify the liver and spleen and promote an excellent digestion with natural antioxidants.  With a delicious acai fruit flavor, Easy tea also energizes and improves skin appearance while fighting acne, dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis resulting in a young and fresh look. Assists in the elimination of toxins, controls appetite, and helps maintain blood sugar levels. It also helps accelerate metabolism, improve blood circulation and lower cholesterol levels.  EZ tea is also effective on peptic ulcers.  It helps strengthen glandular, hormonal, and respiratory systems especially in throat and nose congestion. It is especially effective in the treatment of coughing, asthma, sore throats, and bronchitis. EZ tea increases energy and helps with chronic fatigue syndrome, improves vision function, mental concentration and brain health.


Acai Berry – Weight loss – Acai has been proven to be one of the most effective natural supplements to take to help with weight loss. Skin – Acai can help the blood flow to the skin to improve it appearance as well as infuse the skin with vital nutrients necessary to keep it looking young and fresh. Antioxidants – Acai berries help combat the effects of aging all over the body, keep the heart functioning at proper levels, as well as reducing the risk of heart disease. Mental and circulatory functions – Acai helps improve mental focus and concentration, increase blood flow to the brain, help reduce the levels of cholesterol and eliminate toxins that cause the body to store fats.

Artichoke – Blood sugar and appetite control. Anti-oxidant – Artichoke reduces lipid peroxidation, which is one measure of oxidative stress in cells. Antioxidants are thought to combat oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals in the body

Green tea – Can help prevent or inhibit the formation of cancerous cells. It contains antioxidant, weight control, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Green tea extracts are capable of reducing fat digestion by inhibiting digestive enzymes as well as having thermogenic properties.

Jasmine – Helps with the improvement of digestion, affective in toxin elimination and weight loss. Jasmine also helps with accelerating the metabolism, improve the blood circulation and it is commonly known its aphrodisiac effect.

Ginger – Ginger improves the absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients in the body. It clears the ‘microcirculatory channels’ of the body, including the sinuses.

Licorice – Licorice is used in Europe as medicinal support for people suffering from ulcers. Scientific studies have also shown that licorice is very effective as a pharmaceutical drug for treating peptic ulcers. HIV infection – Research has shown that the benefits of licorice can also be used in HIV related diseases. Licorice helps to slow the progression of HIV to AIDS. Skin Problems – Licorice has similar effects to hydrocortisone when applied topically and can be used to help fight dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis. Licorice can also be used to help speed up the healing process of cold sores and help reduce the pain associated with cold sores.

Senna leaf – Senna leaf acts on the intestinal walls, causing contractions that lead to bowel movements. It can be used to effectively relieve even the most severe cases of constipation. Reduces skin conditions – Senna leaf contains essential oils, resin and tannin. Its acetone and ethanol content help fight against microorganisms that can cause skin irritations such as acne.

Guarana – One of the most powerful benefits of guarana is its energizing effects. It has also been used for centuries, as the early natives would use it to make teas that would suppress hunger or support weight loss. Guarana is effective for treating other complications of the bowels, including gas and diarrhea, as it helps to detoxify and cleanse the system. ***

***These statements have not been evaluated by the
Food an Drug Administration. These products are not
intended to diagnose, treat cure or prevent any

Ingredients: Lemon, Green Tea (Camellia sinensis), Sen Leaf (Cassia angustifolia), Jasmine (Jasminum officinale), Ginger (Zingiber officinale), Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) and Guarana (Paullina cupana).
Free of: Coloring, artificial flavors, preservative or sugars.
HOW TO USE: Submerges a tea bag in 8oz. of hot water
during 3-5 minutes, following the wished intensity.

This product contains Cassia Angustofolia (the Seine), it does not contain caffeine and it does not contain chemical additives. Not suitable for children under 12 years, women that are pregnant or breastfeeding, or people with health problems.
Discontinue use if you have diarrhea, abdominal pain or adverse reactions.

9 reviews9 reviews
Rapidez en la entrega, producto igual a su descripción Todo bien !!!!
9 reviews9 reviews
Hola amigo recien comence a tomar este té, he observado que si me esta ayudando a desintoxicar mi organismo, por lo general lo tomo de noche antes de irme a dormir.
9 reviews9 reviews
it has been an excellent help to my digestive system as well as manage my weight control.
9 reviews9 reviews
Very good as described.quick delivery
9 reviews9 reviews
Listo amigo los recibi el dia viernes.Todo bien espero volver a comprarles.

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