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Vitacilina 1/2 Oz (14g)

Vitacilina 1/2 Oz (14g)
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vitacilinaIt is an effective communication antibacterial and keratolytic effects associated in a formula in the treatment of superficial bacterial infections of the skin as well as in the management of mild acne vulgaris, folliculitis, furunculosis, secondarily infected dermatoses and eczema.

Treatment of impetigo, sores, abrasions or scrapes, minor burns, accidental or surgical cuts, impetiginadas or affected by susceptible bacteria.

Neomycin aminoglycoside antibiotic effective in the prevention and treatment of bacterial infections at skin level. Neomycin has a bactericidal action through inhibition of protein synthesis by irreversibly 30s anion fraction of the bacterial ribosome.

Retinol is a retinoid effects on the skin epithelium. gradually increases cell reproduction and differentiation, reducing the adhesiveness of keratinocytes, avoiding plugging pilocebáceos follicles, the epidermis thins, improving appearance and skin healthiness.

Also it applied topically has been used in the treatment of minor abrasions to promote epidermal exfoliation and reproduction of keratinocytes, avoiding plugging pilocebaceos follicles resulting in the appearance of acne in all its variants.

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