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Rattlesnake Soap for Acne Rashes Vibora

Rattlesnake Soap for Acne Rashes Vibora
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Brand: Several
Product Code: 16-22
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About the Product

** Helps with pimples
** Helps with rashes
** Helps with hives
** Helps with skin blemishes
** Helps with all kinds of varicose ulcers

jabón de cascabel

Extremely popular in Mexico. Rattlesnake soap aids in the treatment of skin, rash spots, boils, hives and all kinds of varicose ulcers: combats blackheads, pimples, acne skin blemishes, itchy sores and mosquito bites.

It also prevents baldness. 


7 reviews7 reviews
Excellent product! Highly recommended!
7 reviews7 reviews
loving it All!!! ..>
7 reviews7 reviews
Ya lo he usado antes en Mexico espero que sea el mismo, porque le de mexixo era muy efectivo
7 reviews7 reviews
Me deja la cara sin grasa llevo días lavandome la cara con este jabon !!!! Adicionalmente estoy haciendo uan dieta. Gracias levolvere a comprar pronto otros productos.
7 reviews7 reviews
Todo bien, la he usado antes, funciona bien

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