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French Cream - KIT Spot Remover

French Cream - KIT Spot Remover
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Brand: Several
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French Cream removes skin blemishes caused by the sun, pregnancy, hormonal problems and freckles

French Cream: Formulated specially to Clarify and unify the skin color, effect altered by age, pregnancy spots, solar radiation, and other factors. It is a non-greasy cream, Easily absorbed, natural container containing extract

How to apply:
apply on clean face a thin layer of cream, Avoiding eye area, leave it overnight and wash your face the next day.


french cream


7 reviews7 reviews
love this product. It goes on very smooth. It lasts a long time. It is more expensive, but it is worth the expense. I have used the other products and they don't work like this does. I say go ahead and try because you are going to love it.
7 reviews7 reviews
It has helped me to remove the grease from my face and I have it fresher
7 reviews7 reviews
This product has been amazing for me, and work very good
7 reviews7 reviews
Excellent product! Highly recommended!
7 reviews7 reviews
LLego a tiempo, Tengo una semana usandolo, me ha con las manchas de piel en mi cara y en mi espalda.

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