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Espinicida Voam 1 Oz

Espinicida Voam 1 Oz
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Espinicida Voam is used for the treatment of pimples and blackheads. Its formula reduces the number an severity of breakouts and improves pore size

Voam Espinicida

ointment for treatment of pimples and blackheads


Voam Espinicida

pomada para tratamiento de barros y espinillas

Spinicide Voam

Voam Spinicide

Method of use: use at night and apply the cream on the area affected by acne, leave the cream at night and in the morning wash your face normally.

It is recommended that you perform a periodical cleaning of the skin.

25 reviews25 reviews
La use hace tiempo y me funciono, ahorita volviendo a retomar esta crema, tengo la piel de mi cara muy grasosa y eso me tiene muy molesta de verdad.
25 reviews25 reviews
It is a good acne treatment that won’t irritate sensitive skin
25 reviews25 reviews
This cream worked well for me.
25 reviews25 reviews
hola amigos ya recibi el producto, tardo en llegar....
25 reviews25 reviews
It really help me with my acne

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