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Authentic Mexican Rattlesnake Powder 50 Capsules

Authentic Mexican Rattlesnake Powder 50 Capsules
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About the Product

* helps fight acne because it has the function of cleaning the blood and help your circulation.
* urificante and blood detoxifier
* helps fight acne, pimples, sores and pimples
* acts against varicose veins, anemia, poor circulation, gastric ulcers and eye problems such as cataracts.
* Decreases the most common and bothersome symptoms of diabetics.

5 reviews5 reviews
Muy bueno para vitiligo lo recomiendo de verdad. Gracias....
5 reviews5 reviews
Gracias amigos ya recibi las 2 Cajas el día de ayer.....
5 reviews5 reviews
It has helped me with my acne and pimples
5 reviews5 reviews
Bien amigos espero me funcione y me ayude con el acne. Gracias...
5 reviews5 reviews
Good product excellent service!!!!

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